Municipal and Water Law

The Shissias Law Firm works with municipalities, counties, special purpose districts, nonprofit water and sewage companies and other public bodies throughout the state of South Carolina. The body of law guiding municipalities, water and non-profits is detailed and specific. We can help you understand and interpret which laws and regulations apply in your specific situation.

Municipal Law

Municipal regulations and procedures can be vast and complicated. A municipality must take care to ensure that its actions are lawful. Understanding the regulations, maintaining compliance and correcting problems when those regulations are incorrectly applied requires experienced guidance.

Water Law

Water Law
From the earth to the point of consumption, drinking water is the most regulated product sold in South Carolina. Water distribution systems are essential resources for economic development, and may be operated by County Special Service Districts, Municipalities, Special Purpose Districts, Rural Community Water Districts, Joint Municipal Water Systems, Not-for Profit Corporations, and Regulated Utilities. Each entity is different and has its own regulations.

Drinking water and wastewater permitting are regulated by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Non-profit water and sewage providers must navigate the licensing and regulatory procedures at both the state and local level.

Non-Profit Law

Proper organization and filings are critical to set up and maintain non-profit status. Completing the process from conception to filing with the SC Secretary of State to receiving the relevant tax status determination from the IRS requires attention to detail and thorough completion of all required documents.

Many organizations can qualify for non-profit status under one of the twenty-nine 501(c) exemptions. Charitable organizations, service organizations, rural utility service providers, business and agricultural cooperatives are just a few examples of organizations that may qualify for non-profit status. Experienced legal advice and guidance expedites the filing process and can put the non-profit on solid footing for the future.

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